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had it up to here

I posted awhile back about the deviantART artist shel_yang yanking me on the artbook I ordered.  

Well, it's official.  Once again, I was p0wned. -.-

I'm making this a public post because maybe some other people will see this and be wary about getting into sales that are not bound by rules and regulations (like through eBay or other designated auction sites).  Buyer beware.

It's been months now since I sent this woman 70 plus dollars for a Sasuke poster and the Sermente and Flamme artbook.  I received the poster promptly in a long poster canister.  The artbook is still MIA.  I sent emails to her on the subject.  At first there was no response, but then she emailed me back on February 3rd, 2008.  This was her response:
very sorry about too late to reply you mail~
because the convention season,I'm not in US right now.
may I know do you have received the poster yet?
of you still have not received both of them?
If you just not received the art book,I can send it for you atfer the valentine's day(it will be after Feb,14)

That was fine with me.  IF I had received it. -.-  I have sent her numerous other emails including two more in the past two days to ask about it.  No response.  As usual.

I once had a problem when I was a new eBay user where I commissioned some cosplay gear to be made.  I won an auction from the person and she offerred to make more stuff for me.  I paid her upfront. Out 100 bucks. -.- 

Other times I have had no problem with non-auction site buying.  It really is just hit and miss.  *sighs*   Still, I'm really disappointed about not receiving that artbook.  I would most likely never buy from her again, but... *shrugs*


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